Just wanted everyone that reads Jenna Hills Lies to see the pictures of the bridal bouquet package that she ordered and is trying to tell you that was crappy. If you notice Jenna Hill did not put her pictures up here for you to view as she couls not in good faith.

her wedding flowers were beautiful. Exactly what she ordered. We at custom silk creations. Do not change customers orders to suit ourselves.

We deliver and great product at an amazing price. We do not cheat or steal from anyone.

Our pictures can not lie they are there for all to see.

Monetary Loss: $100.

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I put a complaint against her with Internet Crime Complaint Center and the Better Business Bureau. I emailed her to let her know I had filed a complaint and she returned by saying she did what she was supposed to and that I canceled my order.

I have all my emails no where did I ask to cancel the order.

How did she do what she was asked if I didn't get my flowers. :(


Beware she has a new website out there and is now selling under the name Wedding flower store- with a website of Weddingflowerstore.com

Edendale, California, United States #33246

CSC is not professional at all!!! I have been supposed to recieve my orders a month ago and here it is a week from the wedding and i still haven't even recieve my picture of the flowers.

I have tried several times to contact her and no answer and she doesn't return calls at all either. And the emails i do get really don't tell you anything or they lie about that they are working on the order.

PLease Brides do not use CSC!!! I think she's a scam!


I hope you paid by credit card- if so give her a deadline (I would say monday COB) if she doesnt return your money and provide you a transaction number ad record then call your CC company and file a dispute of the charges. Mine was on Visa and they are being very helpful- they made me wait 30 days to see if she returned my money, I will be calling them back on Monday as she obviously didn't return my money (even when faced by the pile of evidence I have given to her) At that point the money will be pulled from her account and put back in mine.

She says she has filed a fraud case against me, but that was over a month ago- I'm sure I would have heard something by now- she works on intimidation- don't be intimidated- pursue this.

I for one am looking forward to meeting her in court as I think it will be funny to see her try and explain away the evidence. Contact me if you are interested in pursuing a fraud case case- jennahill@hotmail.com


I have also tried to order bouquets from this company, I waited 12 weeks to be told the my order will be canceled, no explanation or apologizes or anything. Now I have just 8 weeks to find something I like at a reasonable price.

She said I will receive a refund but how can I really trust her right now. At least she sent you something, lol, I didn't so much as get an approval picture in 12 weeks of waiting.

De Witt, Arkansas, United States #26316

Just go to her site www.csilkc.com and look at what the flower girl halos are supposed to look like- they are nice and full- all I got was a ring of greenery and a few sparse flowers- anyone can see the difference between what she posted here in her picture and what is on her website. I cannot post the pictures as I think she has them protected somehow- maybe she would like to post them as she feels that what she sent is what I ordered, but I think we all know that she won't do that as what she sent me is not what is advertised on her site- please go look at it for yourself. But the main thing I am still complaining about is not being addressed by her. I got the wrong color bouts- which can be proven by the order conformation that she emailed me- I will put it at the bottom of this post that clearly states white bouts- the picture clearly shows blue. I also did not get any table decorations- of which that was half the order- she won't put up any pictures of these either as they were never made, or at least never sent. I am going to put the video on youtube- as soon as I get the cord to hook it up. You can all see for yourselves what was in the package- there was one package sent- and the only thing in there were the bridal flowers and the cake topper.

Here is the copy of the invoice that clearly shows what color bouts I ordered and the 10 table decorations that I id not get- and have video proof of- I can't wait to go to court over this!!

Order ID: 5819 Date: 06/25/2008 - 11:49 AM

Billing Information Shipping Information

Payment: VISA

Name: Jennifer Hill




City: Sumter

State/Province: South Carolina

Zip/Postal Code: 29150

Country: United States of America (US)

Email: jennahill@hotmail.com

Extra Information: Wedding Date--- August 2, 2008

Wedding dress color--- White and Navy

Attendants dress colors--- Navy and white

Bridal Bouquet Style--- CAscade

Any Special Flowers--- I like the shipped set that was marked 14-mar-08-1 with the roses and te lilies. I want the bouts to be white. I do not need the toss bouquet, but would like second flower girl halo.

Brides Name--- Jenna

Wedding Dress Size--- 14

Brides Height--- 5' 3"

Is this order for you or someone else For me

Return/Cancel policy: Yes I have read and agree.

Ship To:

Jennifer Hill

6000 Nottingham

Johnston, IA 50131

United States of America (US)



Shipping Method:

Qty. Name Product ID Price Total





COLORS:Navy blue and white I like the set that is marked 14-Mar-08-1 I do not need the MOH bouqet, but would like a second flower girl halo- the girls are 9 and 10 years old.

f1-c 99.99 $ 99.99


10.00 $ 100.00


SIZES:6 IN (add 11.00)

11.00 $ 11.00

Sub Total $ 210.99

Shipping/Handling $ 56.95

Sales Tax $ 0.00

Total $ 267.94

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